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Woman and Cat

October 17th 2021

The feline, the feminine and the feral. An evening of variety with music, comedy and drama.  Singer songwriter Clara Marie Tracey with Gabrielė Dikčiūtė  Actors Paul Nugent and Anna Olson Nugent in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  New theatre writing by Peter Reid featuring actors Alex Cusack, Deidre Murphy and Carla Burke. Darina Gallagher on Molly Bloom and Cats.  Author Mia Gallagher reads from Angela Carter’s Puss-in-Boots.  Cabaret Artist Rose Lawless. Josh Johnston, on piano,  plays Mozart vs Salieri. Deirdre Murphy sings her hit song based on Maya Angelou’s poems Phenomenal Woman.   Singer Songwriter Pearse McGloughlin.  Actors Steve Hartland and Carla Burke nod to Hollywood backstabbing and bitchiness.  MC Leonor Bethencourt.   Poster image by Nolan Art.

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Double Acts Literary Cabaret

September 19th 2021

A celebration of The Golden Age of Comedy and the Universal Language of Humour. With Cabaret Artists Rose Lawless.  Actors Paul Nugent and Anna Olson Nugent.  New writing by Peter Reid.  Comedians Sharon Mannion and Danny Kehoe.  Vaudeville Duet Darina Gallagher and Sinead Murphy.  Music by Josh Johnston.  Expect an evening of variety with music, comedy and scenes performed by actors, which have been written specifically for the theme of the month by playwrights of our time.

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Woman in Bed Literary Cabaret

June 20th 2021

Inspired by Molly Bloom. New writing by Cathleen Young, Lesley Conroy & Peter Reid.  Music by Josh Johnston, Pearse McGloughlin, Sinead Murphy & Gerry Anderson.  Cabaret Artist Rose Lawless.  Actors Stephen Kelly, David Ryan, Paul Nugent, Rachel Walshe, Orlaith de Burca, Michael Mullen, Lesley Conroy, Neill Fleming, Carla Burke & Sean Young.

Woman In Bed .jpg

Beyond Words Literary Cabaret

May 16th 2021

Playwrights Lesley Conroy, Justin MacGregor and Peter Reid wrote original scenes for this show.  Actors Esosa Ighodaro, Mark Loughran, Pierce McNee, Paul Nugent, Ann Russell and Marcela Salgado.  With Fia Rua.  Anna Nugent sings Lin-Manuel Miranda.  Rose Lawless.  Poetry Diva Kate Dempsey.


Vive L'Irlande Literary Cabaret

April 18th 2021

A Franco Irish Literary Cabaret The beauty of the southern Irish coast enraptured Charles de Gaulle in 1969, following his resignation as president.  The Irish landscape is a source of inspiration and a retreat.  Actors Sheherazade Bodin and Pierre George perform Madame Bovary.  Actors Rachel Walshe and Dave Carr perform Ryan’s Daughter.  Pearse McGloughlin.  Actors Paul Nugent and Stephen Kelly in Waiting for Godot... kind of.   Vaudeville act Darina Gallagher & Sinead Murphy, present James Joyce’s “The Cat & the Devil” animation with music and song.

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Marriages of Convenience

March 21st 2021

Flamenco by Vanessa Corujeira. "Like Water for Chocolate" by Laura Esquivel.   

Scenes from the movies live on zoom: "The Painted Veil" (performed by Lesley Conroy & Eoin O'Sullivan) and "Kramer vs Kramer" (performed by real life happily married couple Anna Olson Nugent & Paul Nugent).  Music from  "The Piano" performed by Josh Johnston.  

"I Walk a Little Faster" performed by Lesley Conroy and accompanied by Josh Johnston.  Pearse McGloughlin and Rose Lawless.

Marriages of Convenience March 2021.png
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Zoom Room Chekhov

March 4th-13th 2021

The Anniversary and The Proposal, two one act comedies by Anton Chekhov, directed by Rayla Tadjimatova.  Actors Dave Carr, Norette Leahy, Mark Loughran, Michael Mullen, Maureen O'Connell & Rhea Rose Rodillas. With music by Josh Johnston and David MacKenzie. 

Zoom Room Chekhov.jpg

A Dublin Cabaret

February 21st 2021

The Good, the Grand and the Ugly.  Rose Lawless Dublin 
Carla Song Falling Slowly from the movie soundtrack of Once.
With music by Josh Johnston
Darina Gallagher & Sinead Murphy. 
Aidan Jordan in a scene from Conor McPherson's Shining City. Orlaith de Burca in Woman who walked into doors by Roddy Doyle.

Soon Available

A Literary Cabaret of Happy Endings

January 17th 2021

Poet Maureen Boyle takes up the story where the Sound of Music ends.  Singer songwriter Pearse McGloughlin.  Actors Paul Nugent and Anna Olson Nugent in a scene from Tootsie.   Allison McKay and Kathleen O’Rourke in a comedy sketch from their Elegant Living series.  Rose Lawless.  Musician Evelyn McGrory.  Darina Gallagher sings Juliet Turner accompanied by Josh Johnston on piano.  Bill Dunlap.

Soon Available
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Addiction Literary Cabaret

December 20th 2020

Emilie Conway on Billie Holiday . Scenes from Wolf of Wall Street, Magnolia & Almodovar with Anna Nugent, Monica Caballero, Eoin O’Sullivan, Laura Casanellas, Michael Mullen, Paul Nugent.  Authors Mia Gallagher & Rose Lawless. Music with Pearse McGloughlin, Darina Gallagher, Evelyn McGrory & Josh Johnston. 

Addiction December 2020.png

American Dream Literary Cabaret

November 15th 2020

With a cast of Melvillian proportions on both sides of the Atlantic.   Bill & Gina Dunlap, Darina Gallagher, Josh Johnston, Rose Lawless, Pearse McGloughlin, Evelyn McGrory, Michael Mullen, Jenny Murray (NYC), Mo O’Connell, Eoin O’Sullivan, Rhea Rose Rodillas, Emily Tracey & Victoria Vincent (Chicago).

American Dream November 2020.png

Masks Literary Cabaret

October 18th 2020

Real actor Mick Mullen and Artificially Intelligent actor Samantha, on the future of love.  Singer songwriter Pearse McGloughlin.  Soprano Caroline Behan, accompanied by Josh Joshnston Phantom of the Opera.  Emily Tracey.  Cabaret Artists Rose Lawless with Gerry Anderson. Literary duet Sinead Murphy & Darina Gallagher don the masks of political figures Parnell & Davitt.

October 2020 Marks Online.png
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Bloomsday Literary Cabaret

June 14th 2020

An interview with James Joyce.   himself written and directed by Peter Reid, performed by Paul Nugent and Anna Olson Nugent.  Rose Lawless was Molly Bloom in her bed.  Orlaith de Burca played Gretta adapted fromThe Dead.  Emilie Conway sang “Bid Adieu”, Joyce's only known composition.

homage to lucia    48x60   aosc-1.jpg

Love in The Troubles Literary Cabaret

February 16th 2020

Inspired by works of literature, the movies and personal experience of The Troubles: Music with Clara Marie Tracey, Gabriele Dikciute & Josh Johnston.  Comedy with Roy Wilson.  Drama from movies The Crying Game and Hunger performed by: Mark Loughran, Rhea Rose Rodilla, Paul Nugent & PJ Dunlevy.  Poetry by Seamus Heaney.

Recording Not Available
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Racism & The Blues

January 19th 2020

Comedians: Tiny James, Sean King, Jagruti Rathod & Emman Idama.  Regan O’Brien & Esosa Ighodaro on vocals. Actors Darina Gallagher, Paul Nugent, Rhea Rose Rodillas & Carla Burke.  New writing by Peter Reid. Cabaret artist Rose Lawless brings comedy and new writing. With references to Toni Morrison’s Beloved and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man.

Recording Not Available
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Cabin Fever Literary Cabaret

December  2019

With jazz singer Emilie Conway, cabaret artist Rose Lawless, and scenes from Room, The Shining, The Fabulous Baker Brothers and Miller’s After the Fall.

December 2019.png

Espionage Literary Cabaret

November 2019

Paul Nugent, Frank Melia and Carla Burke as James Bond, Q and Bond Girl directed by Anna Olson Nugent.  Music from the movies: Evelyn McGrory and Josh Johnston. Carla Burke song: I’ll be watching you, every move you make.  Cold War Spies parody by Peter Reid

November 2019.png

Sight & Blindness Literary Cabaret

October 2019

A scene and a tango from Scent of a Woman.  Orlaith de Burca was Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney & sang I’m Beginning to see the Light.  Josh Johnston sang I close my eyes.  Anna Olson Nugent and Paul Nugent in a scene from Superman adapted by Peter Reid.    Rose Lawless.  Sinead Murphy on James Joyce’s eye sight.  Movie soundtrack by Evelyn McGrory.

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Franco Irish & Dublin Literary Cabarets

March & April  2019

2020 April, May, June.png

Road Trips & Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses Literary Cabarets

May & June 2019

Copy of Road Trips.png

Human Rights Literary Cabaret

September 2019

Art & Human Rights.png
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